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CoELIB TV is an online television channel that has been promoting young talents and aspirations while empowering the creative industry through media. Introducing the first of their kind Edu-Entertainment series that strives to address the most important factors affecting young people's development.

Youth | Ability

The series showcases personal stories, which go beyond educational level, age, gender, physical abilities and assets accumulation among the youth.

1. In the spotlight – A Youth a week, we get to be part of their day, what is their style?
2. Goals – this breakdowns a goal and what it would take to achieve them.
3. Skills vs. Theory – How far can skills go?
4. Notification – what is trending and is here to stay.

Engage | Build | Influence

The series explores the challenge of future agri-entrepreneurs’ inclusion from a variety of angles, including the ways that youths can engage with experts and build their own strategies in the agricultural value chain.

1. My Hustle – A day with an agricultural related personnel.
2. Short and High – This will highlight shorter season, high-value farm enterprises such as horticulture, poultry, bee keeping and rabbit rearing.
3. Nutrition - showcases new approaches for nutrition and Food system transformation.
4. Value addition - how to.

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